Arnau Coll

I am Arnau, a creative twenty-two year old mind from Barcelona. During the last four years I have been studying Audiovisual design at Bau Design College, while simultaneously working as a junior designer. The experience has allowed me not only to develop my practical and theoretical skills, but also my life experiences. During my undergraduate studies I have learned many different things that have slowly shaped me as an active and thinking mind. Towards the end of my studies, after having learnt small pieces of different subjects and methods, I came to the conclusion that a right balance between techniques and concepts and being capable to find links between different disciplines, is what I am passionate about and enjoy most. My trans-disciplinary way of working is closely linked to the cinematography and the artistic world.

In all honesty, this is my first time writing a personal statement and I am not one to be scared by new challenges. I fight for what I want, which is why I am writing about my plausible future, hunting my objectives down with words. I am taking it as a new challenge; I believe that questioning my objectives, my future and myself is the most interesting exercise of all.

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Arnau Coll
Do you want to reach me at? Hit me up +44 7746 869336. Did I say that I have a journal? You can check it out. Yes, it is. Wanna stalk to me? Do it on Instagram.